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The beginning of it all. When you realize, for the very first time, that there is more to life. That you can do better, have better and be better. It’s the beginning of your journey.

You start searching for answers on how to transform your life. You begin to change your thoughts, beliefs, habits and even your immediate relationships. This is an important, yet very difficult and testing stage.

The results to the changes you’ve put into place are beginning to manifest within and all around you. You start awakening, opening your eyes for the first time and you realize that it’s actually possible. You can be all that you wish to become.

Change is no longer enough. Long-term transformation is what’s required to reach your divine destiny. You’re at a stage where distractions are coming your way but you hold on tight and the transformation continues.

You’ve reached a stage that very few reach. Most people don’t pass the Change or even less, the Transformation stages, but you did. You’re now rising to a higher level and actively choosing to evolve into your highest self. You search for answers and want to dive deeper into the truth.

You understand universal truths that 99% of the world don’t understand and will never tap into. You are now on the path to becoming a master of this knowledge but most importantly, the master of your life and your reality. You’re the creator of your universe and you’re very much aware of it.

You’ve merged with your higher self. You’ve opened your heart and you’re now expending even more to reunite with the source. You’re in the 1% and you’re an inspiration to those around you. You’re the change you wish to see in the world.

This stage comes naturally after you’ve reached Higher Consciousness. Once you’ve changed your life, it is natural to feel the desire, even the urge, to want to have a positive impact on the world. Life is about giving back, and this is what this stage is all about. Giving back to the world, through being your best and highest self.

You’ve reached the highest possible level of personal and professional development; Enlightenment. You are physically, emotionally and spiritually aware and awake. You understand things that most people don’t. You’re the highest version of yourself. You’ve reached the top of the pyramid and you help/inspire others to do the same.

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What is The Wheel of the Year (also known as The 8 Holy Days)?

The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals, which used to be celebrated many centuries ago, before organized religion took over. These 8 Holy Days consist of the year’s chief solar events (solstices and equinoxes) and the midpoints between them. At A.V.A. Enterprises, we love to celebrate these 8 importants and powerful days by launching and/or promoting our A.V.A. programs and taking YOU on a journey through the 9 Stages of Personal and Professional Development.

In 2022/2023, we will celebrate The Wheel of the Year by launching the new versions of all of our bestselling A.V.A. Programs

The A.V.A. Passport is the ultimate reward YOU get when you enroll to all the Programs that are part of the A.V.A. Pyramid!

As soon as you become an A.V.A. Student (invest in any or many of our programs), you automatically get shipped your very own A.V.A. Passport by mail. We even take care of shipping and handling.

Each time you invest in one of our courses, you will receive, by mail, a sticker/stamp which goes on one of the pages of the passport; the page that represents the program which you’ve enrolled to.

The purpose of the A.V.A. Passport is to incentivize YOU to climb up through all the levels of the A.V.A. Pyramid and reach the pinnacle of it, which is ENLIGHTENMENT.

Once your A.V.A. Passport is filled with stamps, you’ll get a call from Alexandra Villarroel Abrego herself, announcing to you, that you’re invited to an all-paid vacation to a dream destination where you will get to spend a week packed with fun, learning and growing, with Alexandra, her team and other privileged A.V.A. Students.

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